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“Generative generational passages”

03 October 2023

(did chatGPT write this post?) Observing the image that accompanies the reflections of this post, I felt an almost unbearable sensation of heat, caused by the very intense light that sets the globe on fire. After the sensation, the thought also arrived: “a world of ideas”. The past summer did not disappoint those who were [Continue…]

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07 June 2022

The changes in Fashion in anticipation of generational changes   ‘Real fashion change comes from real changes in real life. Everything else is just decoration.’  Tom Ford   The History of Fashion and Customs has origins similar to those of the birth of man and only in part can it be considered the mere need [Continue…]

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The symbol: the history and significance of a representation, from art to branding

02 March 2022

Symbol: from Lat. symbŏlus  and symbŏlum, Greek.’σύμβολον “combination”,  “distinguishing sign “, “symbol”, derivative of  of συμβάλλω “put together, make coincide” (comp. of σύν “together” and βάλλω «cast») [1] In order to understand the present, it has become increasingly necessary to look into the past, not for rhetoric purposes, but to encourage evolutionary and  speculative thinking. [Continue…]

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Meta Realty, over and beyond: Hermès VS. Rothschild

01 March 2022

The capacity for deluding ourselves that today’s reality is the only true one, on the one hand, sustains us, but on the other, it plunges us into an endless void, because today’s reality is destined to prove delusion for us tomorrow; And life doesn’t conclude. It can’t conclude. Tomorrow if it concludes, it’s finished. Luigi [Continue…]

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The generational transition: a rite or a change to be simplified?

28 February 2022

Generational Transition is an intensely and extremely delicate phase without precedence and not only for family-run businesses but also, and above all, for an entire modus operandi that transcends time, conceptions and visions of a world that is ever-increasingly changing and which we must keep pace with without, however, losing sight of what are the [Continue…]

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