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In addition to the services already outlined, we also provide a range of complementary services relating to the field of industrial law.


Search services are those activities which it is advisable for clients to arrange to have carried out prior to adopting or registering a trademark, design, or to drafting  or implementing a patent, in order to check for any prior third party rights that may exist and represent a risk or hindrance to their activities.

As regards trademarks, the searches most frequently carried out in this area cover databases of trademarks, domain names, and company names, and investigations can be broadened to include market research, to check for the existence of signs currently in use commercially, even if not registered.

Searches and checks are often performed even once the registration has taken place, to monitor for potentially adverse products, signs, or IP rights belonging to third parties.

Furthermore, since trademarks are subject to cancellation due to non-use, in many cases research must be performed to check whether a formally registered trademark is still in use and also whether it is still in use for all the goods for which it was originally registered.


In order to monitor the existence of third parties’ rights which may be in conflict with our clients’, we use specific monitoring tools to screen the filings of new third-party trademarks which could infringe their trademark rights. We also perform domain name screening and analyses of how clients’ trademarks are used online, so that we can intervene in the event of any misuse by third parties.
We can, therefore, not only monitor other parties’ registrations of trademarks and domain names which could conflict with your IP rights, but can also monitor online use of your trademark by third parties, to look out for infringement or even simply monitor positioning. This activity can also be useful to check whether licensees or authorised third parties are complying with trademark use guidelines and criteria.


The world of intellectual and industrial property is complex, highly specific, and constantly evolving. Furthermore, the international dimension is such that specialist knowledge of foreign regulations and international bodies such as WIPO is fundamental. To help our clients better understand their needs, increase their  independence, and facilitate them in the – often daily –  work with us or in seeking our assistance,  we also provide a training service for individuals, business owners, or anyone else required to manage an IP rights portfolio. Not only can we provide notional training, but also organizational training where necessary, to assist individuals and businesses in structuring a department (however large or small) for the management of their IP portfolio.