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In addition to the traditional consultancy services concerning trademarks and patents, we also provide legal assistance tailored to your needs for areas ranging from contractual support to legal disputes.


You may find yourself having to take action to defend your own IP rights or you may find yourself facing action taken by others. We help our clients avoid incurring costs arising from legal proceedings which are unlikely to be settled within reasonable time.
To achieve this, we provide assistance during negotiations, including services such as drafting settlements and coexistence agreements.


In cases where the protection of your rights must necessarily be entrusted to a judge, we assist you by outlining the most effective strategies, bearing in mind the most relevant and current legal provisions and case law.
Our network of specialist associates allows us to provide assistance throughout Italy and worldwide.


Domain name dispute resolution are part of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) methods, whose advantages include quicker dispute resolution and lower costs.
The aim of it is to prevent and counter what is known as “cybersquatting”, i.e. the illegal use of names as Italian domain names. Through this procedure, domain names which are identical or similar to a trademark and have been registered in bad faith by any party not entitled to do so, are transferred to anyone who can demonstrated that they have legitimate rights over the name.


Our firm fosters a culture of mediation, a way to manage conflicts in which an impartial third person facilitates discussion and communication between the disputing parties, making it easier to reach an agreement.
In this type of procedure, which involves far lower costs and is more time effective than a court case, the parties discuss the dispute and – through the work of the mediator – explore their respective interests and needs, including those related to their business.
This way the parties can  “enlarge the pie before sharing it”, i.e. adopt a negotiation technique which involves both parties working together to increase potential benefits and reach an agreement that is mutually satisfactory (applying a “win/win” model as opposed to the “win/lose” approach found in any dispute brought before a court).
The parties may be assisted in these proceedings by a lawyer and/or an IP consultant.